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Rascal Flatts - Night Of Our Lives
Seventeen don't seem that far
I'd pick you up in my old car
And I still see us, there we are
Fallin' hard like a couple of stars
On the night of our lives

We parked it down in that empty lot
Drank that beer your brother bought
Your kiss was cool and that air was hot
We pondered life and tied the k ...
Horseshoe G.a.n.g. - Take Ya From Ya Man
[Hook: Demetrius Capone]
I wanna take ya from your man, your man, your man
Cause damn you're fly, I just wanna take you
To Cancun, then plan to fly to France, and then Dubai
I just wanna take ya from your man, your old man, oh oh I
I just wanna take you to Maui then, so cancel them plans
You got wi ...
Bas - Dying Fast
[Bridge: Angela]
Keep you close to my heart
Save up the moments... a moment

Since my niggas facin probation we gon smoke they faces off
Wish that we can smoke and smoke until we burn them cases off
I'm not too proud about, not much to smile about
It's like they never took them fuckin brac ...

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