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Canibus - Levitibus
"You want power...but you're not big enough
so you steal it piece by piece..
take it in spoils...and step by step you'll weaken and the power is gone"


I wanted some power of the chakra
with mofulean darkness describin what I see in the process
stone statues surrounded by neoli ...
Nipsey Hussle - Tommy Gunz
I'm Fresh off the table in Vegas, I'm winnin big nigga
Chuck Taylors Smoke in La Brea brought the crib with us
Soon as we pull up they pay us that's how it is nigga
Still wanna kill us, but for now they gotta live with it!
Niggas be hating up, it don't bother me none
My homie got some tommy guns, I ...
Exit-13 - The Funk Song
-1Wiki Von Deutsch Übersetzung Songtexte-1"},{"Count":1,"MatchDegree":100,"MatchedOriginalText":"-1","Rating":1,"TranslatedText":"-1"},{"Count":1,"MatchDegree":100,"MatchedOriginalText":"-1","Rating":1,"TranslatedText":"1"},{"Count":1,"MatchDegree":33,"MatchedOriginalText":"1","Rating":1,"Translat ...

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