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Piebald - On And On
If you see a cobweb, just don't care. It's the last thing you should fear. Just live and save yourself from all that's living there. And if you wander off enjoy your time. It's the last thing you should think, my dear. We'd leave you there and you'd be left behind. There is still far to go. There i ...
Piebald - Sandpaper Steering Wheel
purified urination the quickest path between two
points is a straight line I am going to take the
color away touching things again just like the
first time don't drag your feet it makes you look
real sloppy ghosts make one hundred times as much
noise as me and we will be the hummus generation
Piebald - Sex Sells And (unfortunately) I'm Buying
I don't mean this like it sounds.
I can't stand up and can't sit down.
I'm only half as fast as I was yesterday.
The tighter the shirt the better it is.
A carrot and stick type of thing.
I have already got my hands in the pig farm.

Cut the kid some slack.
Cut the kid some cake.
There ...

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