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Billy Currington - Little Bit Lonely
Well, I parked my car in the driveway
Somewhere around 1 am
Worn out from the road with a big heavy load
On my mind, what a week it had been
Then I stumbled into the kitchen
And I saw that little red light
Blinkin' at me from my message machine
Then I knew it would be alright
'Cause she sai ...
Coal Chamber - No Home
No home.
This is not any form of home.
home home is where the heart is.
no home no heart.
no home no heart.
this your viewing room.
your room no view.
nothing seen nothing heard.
your home no heart.
shut up i'll kick you out.
shut up i'll do you in.
this your trap, your crap.
this is n ...
Serial Joe - Deep
You hope that something will happen
But you're stuck with what you've got
In a maze you're lost, thinking of things that are not.
Real enough to make things different though
I don't know what it means
Confused and mixed up when everything's deep
And I don't know what it means
And I don't kno ...

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