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Kirk Franklin - Gonna Be A Lovely Day
When I wake up in the morning love
and my heart is filled with pain.
The smile I had upon my face is gone
can't see the sunshine from the rain
when I think of You then the world is allright with me.
Lord just one thought of You and I know it's gonna be
a lovely day (lovely day [4x]

Jesus ...
Kirk Franklin - Unconditional
[Intro in Spanish]

[Verse 1]
When I think (when I think)
Of the things that you've done
and the way (the way)
You showed me your love
now I know (now I know)
It's got to be real
how I feel ( how I feel)
sent from above
Jesus you
My strength when I can not go on
The light when my sunshine is gone
Kirk Franklin - The Altar
At the altar
You can tell
All about it

At the altar
you can tell
what you heart has to say

You can tell Him
How need Him
How thank Him
And how you love Him

At the altar
When you kneel
To pray

So if your journey through life has been bittersweet
And the courage to dream has turned incomple ...

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