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The Last Of Our Kind - Diamond Eyes
Who disturbs my slumber?
Know this, only one may enter here.
One whose worth lies far within,
The diamond in the rough.Wiki Von Deutsch Übersetzung SongtexteWer meinen Schlaf stört?
Wissen das, nur kann hier eingeben.
Ein, deren Wert im weit innen liegt,
Der Rohdiamant. ...
The Ergs! - Jazz Is Like The New Coke
Everybody's talkin', everyone's recallin' the reasons you're so cool.
Well, I can name a few. You could say that I'm in love.

That's when you say "Alright, It's been such a long night,"
and you're spoken for.
Guess I should have known, well I'll see you sometime soon.

He make ...
The Exploited - Fight Back
Rules are made to put you down
They laught at you when you are down
Can they survive if swapped around
Fight back dont give in
Spend your money on royal display
Shut your mouth go away
All that money thrown away
Its not fair on those who paid
Fight back dont give in
Mother steals to make e ...

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