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A-ha - Time And Again
The sun brought me
The moon caught me
The wind fought me
The rain got me
The road sent me
For years bent me
The stars overwhelmed me
Time and again

But now I can't see the stars
The star is a thing I can't see
And now I don't feel the same
To feel is a thing I can't be

Earth c ...
Willie Nelson - South Of The Border
South of the border, down Mexico way
That's where I fell in love when stars above came out to play
Now as I wander my thoughts ever stray
South of the border, down Mexico way
She was a picture in old Spanish lace
And for a tender while I kissed the smile upon her face
For it was Fiesta, we were so ...
Sonata Arctica - Draw Me
Blessed with an eye to see things as they are, will you draw me?
Up there on the wall, looking down to us all, you never saw me..
I found a pen, and I outlined a life.
You've never cried, I think I saw a tear in your eye.

Your eyes tell the tale, I will not ask again.
Now I see what you've l ...

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