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I The Mighty - Streetlights On
All the remains of tonight’s events will scatter into the streetlights and pass the time
waiting for the sun to rise and take them away.
And with the elegance that you possess you challenge my confidence
and I can’t bare to move in for the kiss.
Our dilated eyes make it clear to me the dark ...
Lil' Wayne - U Not Me
The hottest,.. nigga. under the sun.
(Damn, shit!) [Bird calls]
(Ain't nobody fuckin' with me, MAN.)
H-h-hey, You already know that pimpin'. YUH.
(Cash money records where dreams come true)
Fuck up my dreams? [Bird calls] (Somebody gon' die tonight)
H-h-hey, you already know that pi ...
Lil' Wayne - Shine (extended Remix)
[Mannie Fresh]
Wuuuun (Whaa-Whaa-Whaa-Whaa)
Check me out (Come on)
Cash Money Millionaires
Check me out

[Lil Wayne]
Baby named me Fire Wayne, with lots of change
You can catch me in an aqua range, squattin things
With them twenty-two inch chopper blades
Diamond face with tha diamond brac ...

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